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Would you like to learn more about the Vienna Test System (VTS) in general, our tests and test sets or about typical SCHUHFRIED terms? You will find the answers in this overview!

Vienna Test System (VTS) and VTS online

What is the Vienna Test System/VTS?

VTS is the abbreviation for Vienna Test System. The Vienna test system, VTS, is powerful software tool. It is recognized around the world and combines a wide variety of psychological tests into a single platform. The user-friendly interface makes operating the VTS easy to understand and uniform, which in turn makes it possible to carry out tests particularly conveniently and in a standardized manner.

The VTS guarantees consistent quality without any errors and it is possible to administer multiple tests in one test sessions, both on-site and online. Here is more information: VTS


What is VTS online?

The Vienna Test System can be presented locally or in the “VTS online” version. Here is more information: VTS online


Who uses the Vienna Test System?

The Vienna Test System is used primarily:

  • by clinical neuropsychologists(for example to assess dementia or evaluate cognitive impairments after, e.g. suffering a stroke)
  • in the HR area in the sector for Safety & securitypersonnel decisions in blue-collar professions as well as personnel decisions and development in white-collar professions, for career guidance, and for secondary education admissions testing
  • in traffic psychologyfor assessing fitness to drive and maintaining mobility
  • in sports psychologyfor spotting and developing promising talent as well as for research.


What is a test system?

A test system is a piece of software that combines all steps of psychological assessment into one:

  • Test presentation and testing
  • Automated evaluation of the results
  • Administration of person management, tests, and test results (database)

Digital testing has advantages over paper-and-pencil tests thanks to fast, error-free test scoring and the greatest degree of objectivity and fairness. Furthermore, digital testing lets you save paper while working with a modern form of testing.

Learn more here: Digital testing with the Vienna Test System.


Where can I purchase the Vienna Test System?

You can purchase the VTS directly from SCHUHFRIED or from one of our certified global partners. We would love to help find the right setup for you: Contact us by calling us or sending us an e-mail.


What does the Vienna Test System cost?

The Vienna Test System is paid software that is available either locally (as an individual workstation or a server solution) or online (VTS online). Different usage models and runtimes are available, which is why will gladly prepare an individual offer for you.

Depending on your assessment query, different psychological tests are relevant to you.

Our Marketplace never closes! Once you have registered, you can see the prices of the tests at any time.

We will gladly provide you with personalized advice. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Test knowledge, tests, and test sets

What is a test set?

A test set is a scientifically based and validated predefined selection of tests with which a certain assessment query can be answered. This includes determining the suitability for a position as a train driver or detecting neuropsychological impairments.
The individual tests are presented in a seamless overall package and evaluated on a single page with a clear structure. Many test tests also offer scientifically based overall scoring that helps to assess the scoring at a glance. The objective is to answer the respective assessment query precisely and in detail.

We will gladly advise you on the test sets that match your assessment query


I have a particular assessment query. How can I be sure that the test will provide an answer to this query?

Our tests are validated regularly for a wide variety of application areas. You can find the corresponding validation studies in the test manuals. These studies can be downloaded from our Marketplace after registering.

To find out which tests are the best fit for your specific case, it is important to know your assessment query well. We will gladly advise and support you as part of a workshop to precisely define your requirements.

I want to integrate one of my existing tests or questionnaires into the Vienna Test System/I want to have my own test developed. Is that possible?

It is possible to integrate existing questionnaires into the Vienna Test System. Thanks to a broad team of experts for psychometrics, test design, and software development, SCHUHFRIED is able to either take on the joint development of a new test or adapt an existing test in the Vienna Test System. 


Is it possible to put together individual tests?

Yes, it is possible to purchase tests individually and to put them together according to your needs with the Vienna Test System.

Depending on the test, you can also configure the individual test presentation. Tests like the INT or INSBAT-2, for example, can be presented in different modes (linear, randomized, adaptive) or in different difficulties. 


Is it possible to test multiple persons at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. For example, multiple test stations can be controlled from one central administration workstation with a server solution offered by the Vienna Test System (VTS) or VTS Online Premium Subscription. In this case, your respondents only have to enter an individualized code and can then start their personal testing.

Alternatively, location-independent testing is possible as well. Here, you can send out a link to your respondents who then complete the test either proctored or in open mode.


Languages – What languages are the psychological tests available in?

The administration software for the psychological tests, the Vienna Test System, is currently available in 17 languages. The tests themselves are translated to varying degrees into up to 30 languages (from Serbian, Polish, and Arabic, up to Urdu). You can change the language at any time at the click of a button or save it to the database for your respondent. This way, every respondent receives the test in the particular language relevant to him/her.

You can conveniently filter by the available languages in VTS Marketplace.  In search mode, you can see your assessment query at any time. The focus here is on finding the digital psychological tests that can answer this query the best. Should these tests not be available in the language you require, we can translate them for you using our worldwide network of certified translators. Feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions.


What is a validation/validity?

All tests of the Vienna Test System fully fulfill the criteria of validity. Validity indicates whether a test in fact measures what it sets out to measure. Validity is thus one of the main quality criteria of a test in addition to objectivity and reliability. There are different ways to collect evidence for the validity of a test. Correspondingly, a differentiation is made between different types of validity:

  • Content validity: To what degree does the test measure the characteristic to be measured representatively?
  • Construct validity: Does the test provide data that match proven theoretical models on the characteristic/construct?
  • Criterion validity: Does the test result correlate with a relevant external criterion, e.g. professional success, assessment, or driving behavior?

Depending on the application area of a test, some evidence for validity is more relevant than other evidence. The process of collecting facts proving validity is called validation.


How does that work with peripheral perception?

Peripheral perception tests test the skill of recognizing and processing peripheral stimuli. The focus of the respondent’s attention is held in the center of the visual field by requiring him/her to carry out a tracking task. SCHUHFRIED not only offers the suitable test for testing, but it also offers custom hardware components (More here: SCHUHFRIED input and output devicesthat measure the respondent's reaction precisely and reliably. At the same time, peripheral light stimuli are presented and the respondent is required to react selectively to these.


SCHUHFRIED and SCHUHFRIED terms explained

Who or what is SCHUHFRIED?

SCHUHFRIED is an internationally recognized developer and provider of digital tests, products, and services in the area of psychological assessment, cognitive training, and biofeedback.


  • over 70 years of expertise in digital assessment (company founded in 1947)
  • over 40 distributors worldwide
  • around 6,000 business customers in over 65 countries
  • a special focus on quality and scientific foundation of the products and services offered
  • A firm commitment to its location in Austria, where all its products are developed, manufactured, and supplied. The headquarters of this traditional Austria company is in Moedling, close to Vienna.

More about SCHUHFRIED: About us


What is a response panel?

When motor skills such as reaction speed and eye-hand coordination are measured with traditional PC and laptop keyboards, there is a mean deviation of around 25 milliseconds, according to studies. In many cases, this is all it takes to skew an average result into an above average result and vice versa.

The response panel is an ergonomic and intuitive external input device that allows for measurements precise down to the millisecond for these kinds of measurements. SCHUHFRIED developed the with the aim and objective of producing fair and precise test results for every measurement. Thanks to its simple design and intuitive operation, even respondents with little computer experience can use the response panel.

More details about the response panel are available here: SCHUHFRIED input and output devices


What is a fit score?

A fit score describes to what degree a person matches a previously defined ideal profile of a “perfect employee”. To do so, the results of multiple tests are aggregated into an overall score according to their importance for this ideal profile.  The fit score is calculated for each test result by determining how great the deviation from this ideal profile is. Persons with a high overall score better fit the ideal profile than persons with a lower overall score. You can now see at a glance which respondent fits to your position to what degree despite comprehensive testing.


What is CogniPlus?

CogniPlus is a program for cognitive training and cognitive rehabilitation. It is ideally suited as a complement to the Vienna Test System (measure impairment, train, test follow-up or evaluate success) and also as a standalone training system. More here: CogniPlus


What is Biofeedback Xpert?

Biofeedback Xpert is the wireless biofeedback system from SCHUHFRIED. It is used to measure and visualize psychological parameters such as breathing, skin conductance, temperature, heart rate variability, pulse, and muscle tension.

Biofeedback can be used for relaxation, rehabilitation, and treatment. More here: Biofeedback Xpert