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Vienna Test System NEURO

Neurological disorders often lead to cognitive impairments. However, information on the type and localisation of brain damage is not sufficient to assess the type and severity of impairments. Only reliable and valid neuropsychological tests can differentiate cognitive impairment and thus provide a sound basis for therapy planning.

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Safety and Security

The majority of accidents in the workplace are caused by human error. In most cases, these incidents have serious consequences, such as loss of production or even personal injury. This makes it even more important to conduct performance and personality tests as early as the selection and suitability assessment of employees in safety-relevant professions.

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Easily administer and evaluate digital tests

Digital tests open up a whole range of possibilities for you. Test the potential and professional aptitude of your applicants; define individual strengths and development areas or assess the level of cognitive impairment of your patients.

VTS Marketplace

In the VTS Marketplace you will find detailed information on all tests and test sets as well as details on the dimensions covered, languages and test forms available.

Globally recognized expertise in the field of digital testing

We were the first company in the world to develop a digital psychological test system: The Vienna Test System (VTS).
In addition, we offer established solutions in the areas of cognitive training (CogniPlus) and biofeedback (Biofeedback Xpert).

  • leading in digital psychological testing
  • Specialist for digital testing
  • High scientific quality
  • Distinct customer focus


Perfect match for psychological assessment

VTS online + VTS Marketplace

Are you looking for appropriate tests for your research question? In our VTS Marketplace you will find comprehensive information on test items, dimensions and scoring! Here you also have the possibility to purchase test licenses for administration on your local Vienna Test System or for direct administration in the VTS online.

Enter the VTS Marketplace directly!

In the VTS online you can administer your purchased test administration and assign them to test persons. You can see at a glance who already completed the test and who is still processing. You can view the test results, directly afterwards.


With our VTS Marketplace and VTS online you benefit from:

  • Comprehensive test information
  • Purchase of online and offline licenses
  • Flexible test administration
  • Real-time status query
  • Immediate, automated evaluation

Favourite tests in the VTS Marketplace



Trustworthy partners for your needs

VIENNA TEST SYSTEM + In- and output devices

Every year around 13 million tests are carried out worldwide using the SCHUHFRIED Vienna Test System. With the VTS you can experience the entire spectrum of the digitalisation of psychological assessment. 

Discover the VTS' fields of application!

Unlock the full potential of the Vienna Test System by using our specially developed, test-specific in- and output devices.


We offer specific tests for:

  • Clinical and neuropsychology
  • Human resources
  • Traffic psychology
  • Sports psychology



Success Story: From Paper to Digital

In this success story you can find out about the advantages of digital tests in everyday clinical practice.

Study: Children who move show better attention

More and more schools are putting daily physical activity sessions on the timetable. A recent study shows the impact of exercise on the attention of children with and without learning disabilities.

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We offer a wide range of (on-demand) webinars and workshops and participate in selected congresses. Learn more about our products, services and trends.

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