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Effective therapy for cognitive impairments

Efficient and motivating training with CogniPlus

Digital training & the advantages

CogniPlus is a training battery for the training of cognitive functions.

Efficient. Digital. Motivating.

CogniPlus is scientifically based and incorporates up-to-date psychological findings. The content of CogniPlus is closely linked to the Vienna Test System – internationally the most widely used test system for digital psychological assessment. This means that diagnosis, treatment and evaluation can be efficiently linked.

You can profit from a state-of-the-art program that covers all areas of cognitive training. The arguments speak for themselves:

The perfect team: Vienna Test System and CogniPlus

The theory-led "Test – Training – Evaluation" concept.

In addition to the Vienna Test System, we are offering you CogniPlus – a training program for attention functions, executive functions, memory, spatial processing and visuomotor functions.

The CogniPlus trainings are based on the same theoretical models as the tests of the Vienna Test System to which they correspond; this provides an efficient and theoretically sound link between assessment/training and the subsequent analysis of effectiveness. The corresponding tests and training programs are based on the same theoretically clearly defined constructs but involve different tasks. This enables a reliable distinction to be made between the material–specific learning effect and the desired training effect.


Combining testing and training? Why?

Careful assessment before the start of training, which specifically targets the impaired functions, ensures that training is effective and efficient – and prevents any adverse training effects.

Because the progress made in training is not assessed on the basis of performance on the training programs but by using the corresponding tests. This enables trivial practice effects to be distinguished from actual improvement.

This graphic shows which CogniPlus training programs are specifically tailored to the deficits tested by the Vienna Test System.

Based on a function-specific intervention approach

Each CogniPlus training is tailored to a specific deficit, because studies have shown that use of over-complex Training programs may actually cause performance to deteriorate. Trainingprograms are only offered for cognitive functions that are scientifically proven to be trainable.

Embedded in a context of scientific theory

CogniPlus trainings are always developed in the light of the relevant up-to-date scientific literature. Theory-led design is a top priority. All our partners are noted for their theoretical expertise as well as their practical clinical experience.

Realistic and motivating design

Clients want to apply their improved skills as quickly as possible in everyday life. In CogniPlus the ability dimensions being trained are almost always embedded in lifelike scenarios. It is this appealing, modern and motivating appearance that makes CogniPlus popular with clients.

Adapts automatically to the client's ability

CogniPlus is an intelligent interactive system which is neither too easy nor too difficult for the client. It reliably identifies the client's ability level and adapts automatically to it. One of the conditions for successful training is thus met: the users of the program are motivated.

Training at all ability levels

The CogniPlus training programs can be used across the entire ability range. This opens up completely new opportunities for use alongside the traditional areas of application such as the rehabilitation of patients with brain damage. For example, CogniPlus can be used to train aspects of driving-related abilities and the attention of children with ADHD, or to boost the mental activation of patients with MCI.

Contact us and learn more about the specific advantages in your individual field of application.

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You are in good company

Extract from our references


We work globally: Together with SCHUHFRIED headquarters in Austria, our international partners service customers all over the world.

Over the years this has resulted in an ever more diverse range of customers and fields of application.

That's why we can be proud of our references!

Take a look at who uses our CogniPlus training programs:

icon-check Army Headquarters / Australian Defence Force, Australia
icon-check Bangkok Hat Yai Hospital, Thailand
icon-check Erredi Sistemi sr, Italy
icon-check Grensás, die Abteilung für Rehabilitation der Universitätsklinik, Island
icon-check Jilin Sports University, China
icon-check Mano Amica Societá Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, Italy
icon-check Psychoneurological Sanatorium „Kaluga Bor“, Russia
icon-check Universitá degli Studi di Brescia, Italy
icon-check University Rehabilitation Center Soca, Slovenia
icon-check and many more…


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