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Whether you are starting out on your career or continuing your education, the online courses on our SCHUHFRIED Campus provide you with the necessary skills to further improve the quality and efficiency of your day-to-day business. Together with our experts, you can refresh your theoretical knowledge, supplement your practical experience with new scientific findings or get to know our products in detail.

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Workshops and Webinars

Expert Workshops:

Refresh your knowledge and get to know new methods

Are you interested in venturing into some new assessment methods or would you like to refresh your knowledge, but you don’t have time for long seminars or for working through textbooks when you are on the clock?

>> During these regular workshops, academics and practitioners share more with you about the latest insights and best practice examples on current topics, such as telepsychology or assessing dementia.


VTS Basic Workshops:

Get to know the details of our established test system

Have you purchased a new Vienna Test System or do you want to quickly teach your new employees how to use the Vienna Test System? Or are you considering using the Vienna Test system and still unsure of whether it is the right product to map your processes?

>> Learn more about all functions of the Vienna Test System in our regular VTS basic workshop – without any obligation to buy.


Test Set Basic Workshops:

Well-equipped for the first testing

Are you interested in our most  popular test sets COGBAT or SARAIL but want to know exactly what these test sets can do and how they are used best beforehand?

>> Attend one of our basic workshops on our tests sets and learn everything you need to know about the tests included, the scientific foundation, how tests are presented, and how tests are interpreted – in a mere 2 hours.



Live webinars:

Our news - your questions

A new test or a new service offer is ready? Existing offers have been expanded or popular tests have been additionally optimised?

>> In our live webinars you will learn everything you need to know in 15-20 minutes and can ask our experts your questions directly.

Webinars on-demand:

Well-informed when and wherever you want

You are looking for specific information on SCHUHFRIED products or want to be inspired by new developments?

>> Our 15-minute on-demand webinars give you a quick overview of tests and test sets. Further information on all products can also be found in the VTS Marketplace.

Services for your company or department

Requirement Workshop:

Turning visions into reality

You have decided to use digital tests, but want to make sure that they are well integrated into your and your employees' everyday working lives? You have a complex structure - from technology to user groups - and need support for the implementation of digital tests?

>> Work out your path from vision to implementation together with our SCHUHFRIED experts, holistically and individually. This way, neither the quality of assessment nor the technical perspective gets lost.

Critical Incident Workshops:

Testing what really matters

You would like to use digital tests, but don't know which are the right ones for your issues?

>> In this workshop, you will work with our SCHUHFRIED experts to develop all the content-related requirements you would like to cover with digital tests, as well as a concrete and practicable test selection.


Test administrator training:

VTS knowledge for users

You have purchased a Vienna Test System and would like to train several users at once? You need on-site training for your entire department?

>> With a SCHUHFRIED expert, expertise comes in-house: In our test administrator training, you'll learn about all the relevant functions of the Vienna Test System and are ideally prepared for preparing and administering psychological tests. Clearly laid out training materials provide support in the subsequent day-to-day work! 

Test Expert training:

Test knowledge for your application

You have switched to digital tests, but now want to be just as familiar with the new tests as you were with your previous ones?
You are new to the world of testing and want to learn how to interpret quickly?

>> Our Test Expert training courses will make you fit to work with the tests or test sets you have acquired. Learn how to interpret test results and what to pay special attention to.

Certifications for users

Test Expert Certification:

Test Knowledge at the Highest Level

Do you use one of our psychological tests, but want to deal more intensively with its application and interpretation in order to be available to your colleagues as an expert for questions?
You need a psychological test in many contexts and want to be able to assess exactly how to use it for your current question?

>> With our Test Expert certifications, you and your colleagues will become experts in a test of your choice within three hours.

VTS certification:

VTS knowledge for experts and system administrators

You already know the VTS, but want to dig even deeper into all the functions related to automation and authorisations? Or do you manage settings, authorisations and users in the VTS as a system administrator and are the first point of contact for test users with technical questions about the VTS?

>> In our VTS certifications you will learn all the important administrator functions and become a competent contact person for users and colleagues.

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