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SCHUHFRIED is an internationally oriented company providing products and services in the fields of psychological assessment, cognitive training and biofeedback.

The family business, founded in 1947, is based in Moedling on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria. With more than 42 sales organizations and agents all over the world, SCHUHFRIED operates globally. At the same time it is firmly committed to its location in Austria, where all its products are developed and manufactured. 25 percent of its turnover is invested in research and development.

SCHUHFRIED was the first company in the world to develop a digital psychological test system: the Vienna Test System (VTS). Originally a pioneer of digital testing, SCHUHFRIED is now an acknowledged expert in this field. More than 13 million tests are administered using the Vienna Test System each year – for recruitment and suitability assessment, to assess fitness to drive, for neuropsychological and clinical purposes, in research projects and in high-level sport.

SCHUHFRIED’s product portfolio also includes CogniPlus, a cognitive training and rehabilitation program, and Biofeedback Xpert, a modular biofeedback system that uses wireless technology (Bluetooth®).

The focus on verifiable quality is a hallmark of all three products – because we aim for quality in everything we do.

8 reasons to choose SCHUHFRIED

1. SCHUHFRIED is the inventor and still the leader in the field of digital psychological testing systems

The SCHUHFRIED company, founded in 1947 as a family business, has more than 70 years' experience behind it. SCHUHFRIED was the first company to move from the use of test devices to digital testing. To this day the company leads the world in digital psychological testing. Each year SCHUHFRIED's Vienna Test System is used to conduct some 13 million test sessions.

2. SCHUHFRIED specializes in computerized psychological assessment

SCHUHFRIED was one of the first companies to recognize that digital psychological tests are superior to paper-and-pencil tests. A breakthrough in digital testing occurred in 1986; that year saw the development of the first test system, which combined individual tests, respondent management and scoring in a single interface.

3. SCHUHFRIED provides a one-stop shop for all core services

SCHUHFRIED covers every aspect of psychological assessment and cognitive therapy; all the important core skills for product development and manufacture are available in-house. Many of the tests have been developed by SCHUHFRIED; others are the result of cooperation with scientists and academics or are the work of well-known test authors (Eysenck, Beck, Sturm, Kubinger).

4. SCHUHFRIED products are simple and user-friendly

SCHUHFRIED makes new ventures simple: All the Vienna Test Systems are easy to use and have many advantages – from error-free, automated scoring to the ability to create test batteries.

5. SCHUHFRIED stands for scientific quality

SCHUHFRIED has always emphasized scientific quality: precise measurement, theory-led concepts, practice-oriented evaluation – without compromise. Working with recognized experts from academic and practical backgrounds, test and training concepts are developed and then tested in empirical studies. SCHUHFRIED cooperates with leading researchers and universities, regularly making presentations at international conferences and publishing in respected journals.

6. SCHUHFRIED is service-oriented in everything it does

Purchasers of SCHUHFRIED products receive excellent service at every step – for many customers this is an important reason for their loyalty. SCHUHFRIED prides itself on its professional and helpful sales advice, fast and reliable delivery, flexible problem-solving, expert technical and psychological advice and comprehensive consulting services. In order to offer the greatest possible flexibility and benefit from the extensive range of products, tests can be purchased in the Marketplace around the clock, even in small quantities.

7. SCHUHFRIED operates globally

42 international distributors and SCHUHFRIED’s head office (near Vienna, Austria) serve customers all over the world. The Vienna Test System is available in more than 31 languages and is currently used for psychological assessment in 68 countries in

icon-check 3329 Clinics, hospitals and rehabilitation centers
icon-check 1863 Driving examination centers
icon-check 1632 Private companies and recruitment agencies
icon-check 1524 Self-employed persons
icon-check 677 Train operating companies
icon-check 578 Universities
icon-check 310 Airlines and flight training centers
icon-check 137 Users in sport-psychology
icon-check 19 Military institutions

8. SCHUHFRIED wins awards for excellence

'Quality by competence' was SCHUHFRIED's motto for many years. The Company has been awarded the Austrian coat of arms in 2000, which is the highest award granted in Austria and is only awarded to businesses that can demonstrate a high level of exports, a first-class credit rating, innovative ability, good quality management and significant investment in research and development.